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14.12.2008 Winner Show

What a day at the "Finnish Winner 2008" show in Helsinki

Ylladian Obsession BOS with CAC & CACIB & *Winner 2008* title.
Congratulations, Ossi & Jenni!

Calimero de la Roche Hue was BD-2 with RES-CAC & RES-CACIB.

Eledi Grace Mimosa won junior class and got *Junior Winner 2008* title and
was BB-3 with RES-CAC

Pikkuneidin Tiramisu won open class and was BB-2 with CAC & CACIB and became



BOB and BOS, photo Inka Luoma



Nemi FINJW-08, photo Jenni Peltokorpi



1.12.2008 & 15.12.2008 Health Tests

Ylladian Obsession & Ylladian Opal Code & Ylladian Opal Wind & Eledi Grace
got very nice results on the official health tests. All of them:
knees 0/0 and eyes OK - no signs of hereditary deseases. The vet said very
nice especially about Luca's eyes: they are clear and pure like diamonds!







Puppy Show in Helsinki
Ylladian Opal Wind was BOB Puppy









Tartto, Estonia, International Show
Pikkuneidin Tiramisu was BB-2 with EST CAC and she will be

EST CH as soon as she completes her FIN CH!







Puppy Show in Espoo
Ylladian Opal Trick BOB & BOG-4 Puppy









Seinäjoki Int Show
Ylladian Opal Code BOB Puppy


*photo coming soon*







Demi gave birth to 4 males and 2 females (colours isabella and grey) on August 26th, 2008.

There are still males available.


Inquiries: Jenni Johansson, kennel Nieninque by phone +358505526839

or by email jenni.johansson@gmail.com











Luna and Nemi got EXC at EUW-08 Show but no placement.
At the specialty show 5.10. Nemi was 4rd in Junior class, Tika was 2nd in

intermediate class with res-CAC and Luna won the champion class

with CAC and finally was BB-1 and BOB! Thank you the judge Per Lundstöm, Sweden.






Ylladian Ouragan "Batman" got his racing lisence and did some lure coursing this summer.

He was placed the first in Finnish Championships both on track and lure coursing and

got some LC CACs. We were also going to participate European Lure Coursing Competition

in Sweden but Batman hurt himself in June and was one month out off the game.



Photo Antti Ruotsalo



Ylladian Ourson "Jerry" also got his racing lisence and took part in two racing competitions -> 2 CAC times: 29,92 s 350 m in Hyvinkää and 23,24 s 240 m in Helsinki. He also participated in his first lure coursing competition. He got 257+257 = 514 p and was placed the first of 11 IGs with CAC and HVK's and Helsinki kennel district champion HSKP-1. Congratulations Jerry & Eila & Elina!



Luna was BB-3 at International Show in Tallinn 17.8.2008. The Judge Liliane de Ridder-Onghena

gave her EST CAC and Luna became EST CH.







Updated pages:


New results for Wallu, Luna, Tika, Batman, Calimero and Nemi.


New photos of Opal Code and Opal Edge


New page for Ylladian Ouragan, "Batman" and his gallery.


In memoriam Ylladian Euforia, "Java".








We finally had time to go abroad with Wallu. Both Luna and Wallu won champion class

and got CAC's in Sopot International show in Poland. Wallu was BD-1 and got his final CACIB to become INT CH. Thank you judge Jelena Kruus!


Ylladian Obsession was shown first time in official class in Tuomarinkartano HVK's group show in Helsinki 19.7. He was BOS with CAC. Next day he was again BOS in IG Specialty Show under breed specialist judge Jean Louis Grunheid from France.







At the Finnish IG Specialty

Ylladian Opal Code PUPPY 1 HP BOB & BIS-puppy
Ylladian Opal Wind PUPPY 2 HP

Eledi Grace Mimosa PUPPY 1 HP BOS-puppy

Ylladian Obsession INTER EXC 1 BD-1 BOS
Ylladian Ourson INTER EXC 2
Ylladian Ouragan INTER VG 3
Ylladian Obsidian INTER VG 4
Bell Canto CHAM EXC 2

Pikkuneidin Tiramisu INTER EXC 4
Dervisch Dial L For Love CHAM EXC 3

Bell Canto BIS-2 Offspring
Ylladian BIS-2 Breeder







Tuomarinkartano, Helsinki Puppy Show
Eledi Grace Mimosa was BOB-puppy







Updates on many pages:


New results for Luna, Tika, Batman and Nemi.


New photos of Opal Code and Opal Trick.









Ylladian Elettra, "Demi" has been mated to Taikatytön Elosalama on 26.6.2008.


More information: Jenni Johansson, kennel Nieninque, by phone +358505526839

or by email jenni.johansson@gmail.com



Taikatytön Elosalama



Taikatytön Elosalama









Luna took part in a LC competition 11 weeks after giving birth to puppies and

received a CAC! A week later Luna received another LC-CAC in Jyväskylä 10.5.2008.


Tika was 4th Best Bitch at Lahti Int 27.4.2008.









All puppies have moved to their new homes.


Wallu and Iida had a progenymeeting in Helsinki on 5th April 2008. Photos in

Jenni Peltokorpi's and kennel Pikkuneidin galleries.









Callu's knees were checked officially on 26.2.2008 and they're now officially healthy: 0/0.


Mimosa arrived on 28.2.2008. Thanks to her breeder for a lovely princess!











5 boys and 1 girl were born on 16.2.2008, all puppies are isabella coloured. Photos

coming soon. For now they all have new homes.









Luna went to ultrasound on 16.1.2008 and she's pregnant!