Finnish Champion

Estonian Champion 




Official name: Calimero de la Roche Hue

Nick name: Callu

Date of birth: 12.2.2007

Breeder: Michele Fourgeaud, France

Colour: Isabella/sable

Height: 35,0 cm (official)

Teeth: full & correct scissor bite

Official health results:


vitreous degeneration, iris hypoplacia (01/2014)

a mild vitreous degeneration (12/2012)

vitreous degeneration (01/2012)

vitreous degeneration (11/2010)

 no hereditary diseases (07/2008)

Knees: 0/0 (02/2008)

Heart: OK (11/2010)


Callu is the father of our 2nd litter and will be the father of our 13th litter.





Tanga des Pitchoun Diables

Nedoperpitchoundiables del Discoletto



Lady des Pitchoun Diables

Flashing Delight's Marco Polo

Ciellina Tulaine des Pitchoun Diables

Victoria de la Roche Hue

Tootsie de la Roche Hue

Magistere Oudini

Joy de la Roche Hue

Rosine de la Roche Hue

Nedoperpitchoundiables del Discoletto

Nougatine de la Roche Hue



Photo Jenni Peltokorpi


















Callu 5 months